European Touring Car Championship 1970–1975. By Harold Schwarz.

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European Touring Car Championship 1970–1975.

By Harold Schwarz. The book is now published also in english language!

The first half of the 1970s was a golden era for touring car racing. The battles between Ford and BMW are legendary to this days, while Alfa Romeo played its own important part in deciding races and championships.

In Germany touring cars provided a platform for young drivers to launch international careers. Jochen Mass, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Hans Heyer and Klaus Ludwig all started their careers in tin-tops.

In the European Touring Car Championship, they didn’t just come up against national and international touring car warhorses like Toine Hezemans, Dieter Glemser, Gian Luigi Picchi, Dieter Quester and Carlo Facetti, but also Formula 1 stars like Chris Amon, Ronnie Peterson and Francois Cevert and current and future like Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi and Niki Lauda.

This book delves into exciting races from the era and details the technology behind all of the important cars, including those from Abarth, Chevrolet, Fiat, Mazda, Mercedes and Opel. It’s a comprehensive overview of a fascinating time in touring car racing.

Text in englischer Sprache. 352 Seiten. Ca. 450 Fotos in Farbe und schwarz/weiß. Gebunden mit Hardcover und Schutzumschlag.

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